Husky Befriends A Tiny Kitten And It Gives It A Hug

Cats and dogs are often pegged as being mortal enemies in mainstream media. But the truth is, in real life, many cats and dogs are able to form loving bonds with one another.

For anyone who has ever had both cats and dogs in their home at the same time, you know quite well how deep these bonds can go.

I grew up with both cats and a dog, and their little relationships were so cute to witness. It was quite obvious that they cared deeply for one another.

Photo: Instagram/auroraborealisobservatory

Even though the cats would sometimes pester our dog and bully her, at the end of the day they were the best of friends. This also meant that often times we’d catch them being napping buddies as well.

And there is one adorable little kitten who has formed a near-instant bond with her new family’s Husky. We all know that Huskys can be many things. They’re often stubborn, vocal, and sometimes a little selfish.

Photo: Instagram/auroraborealisobservatory

But they can also be quite sweet and loving, something that this Husky has in spades for the little kitten. The Shaki Family ended up capturing a very tender moment between the big dog and the teeny tiny cat. Their family dog, a gorgeous Husky named Maya, wastes no time in befriending the latest addition to the family.

The small kitten, whose name is Kisa, is being introduced to her new best friend on her first day. It doesn’t take long for these two to get comfortable with one another, almost like they’re able to communicate with each other without sound.

Photo: Instagram/auroraborealisobservatory

They just stare at one another quite meaningfully, before Maya nuzzles little Kisa, and the two snuggle up to one another for the first of many cuddles together.

Absolutely adorable! Watch the precious video down below:

What do you think of this duo’s friendship? Have you ever had a dog befriend a kitten? Let us know!

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