This Husky Puppy Is Only 5 Weeks Old But He Can Howl Like The Big Dogs!

Some days are ruffer then others and having a laugh can really turn your day around. You have come to the right place for a big smile and a laugh that’s for sure. This 5-week-old husky just discovered his voice! All dogs go through this time and we are lucky enough that someone caught it on camera. We think he may be a future yodeler in the making.

The sweet puppy you’ll see in the video is sure to make your heart melt just a little. You may even find yourself cheering him on! When he finally gets going, his howl is by far the cutest little howl ever. Don’t you worry it’s practice that makes perfect. By the looks of it this little howler is going to have plenty of time to practice his trade. Sit back relax and enjoy the cuteness of this little doggo.

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