Man Puts His Head Phones On And Feels A Giant Huntsmen Spider Hiding Inside

Finding spiders around your home, no matter how big or small, is always a frightening experience. Most of the time we come across spiders as they crawl along our walls or our floors, but occasionally we’ll pick up an everyday item just to come face-to-face with an eight-legged inhabitant. Not fun.

But one man, Australian resident Olly Hurst, had the scare of his life when he picked up and put on his noise-canceling headphones. Seconds after putting them on, Hurst suddenly felt a tickling sensation. But when he took off the headphones, he made a horrific discovery.

Hiding within the headphones was a spider. But it wasn’t just any spider, it was a large Huntsman spider! How he remained calm while filming a video trying to get the spider to leave is beyond me – I’d be setting those headphones on fire.

Photo: Instagram / olsta05

Hurst shared his video clip to Instagram where he captioned it, “spider time.” So calm and casual. In the video, he is heard saying that he felt the tickle in his ear before zooming the camera into the large spider and stating, “Hmm. Nasty!” And yes, we can’t agree more.

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After Hurst shared the video, there were so many people who commented on his video – most of them being comments of complete terror. One person stated that it was their worst nightmare, while someone else stated that Hurst was lucky he discovered it when he did. And a third person wrote what we all were thinking when they said, “nope, nope nope……I would be doing a dance and firing those ear muffs as far away from me as I could throw them!”

Watch the video below:

After the video was posted to Facebook by ABC Darwin, someone else shared their own story of a Huntsman spider, stating that she squealed when one ran across the front handle of her watering can. But she did add that the spiders don’t typically frighten her, but she’d still hate to stumble upon one living in her headphones.

There was someone else who wrote that the spiders aren’t aggressive despite their large size. In fact, its quite the opposite, and even The Australian Museum shared that these big spiders aren’t considered “dangerous.” The museum stated that while they can hold venom and their bite can cause some negative effects, Huntsman spiders won’t normally bite when threatened. They usually choose to run away before they get confrontational.

While this might be true, I still don’t want to be finding them in my headphones. What do you think of this story? Let us know!

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