30 Hummingbirds Have A Miniature Pool Party In A Bird Bath

When the weather gets warmer outside, many of us enjoy heading to the pool and having a good pool party. It seems as if humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy this type of gathering. That is clearly seen, thanks to the video from Wild Wings, a backyard nature store. They specialize in bird feed and fountains and they managed to capture a lot of hummingbirds together taking a bath. The footage is less than a minute long but you get to see 30 of those hummingbirds enjoying the water to the full.

You can see the hummingbirds coming to enjoy the water in the video and each one seems to enjoy the water differently. Some just sit along the side and relax but others jump in with both feet. It seems as if they go in and out of the water so quickly. Unfortunately, the video is cut short to a certain extent but it gives us the opportunity to watch it a few times because it is so nice to see what happens.

If you’ve ever had a birdbath in your backyard, you know that it isn’t unusual to see a couple of them bathing at a time. According to Wild Wings, this type of gathering is quite unusual. They talk about the territorial nature of hummingbirds and the tranquility of this scene doesn’t last very long. They write, “You’d never know they will be harassing each other in five minutes’ time.”

Wild Wings is offering this hummingbird bath for sale because it caters to the species. You can always talk to them on their website if you’d like to know more. Enjoy watching the gathering in the following video:

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