Man Attaches Hummingbird Feeders To His Glasses

Hummingbirds are quite fascinating creatures. They are tiny little birds who are capable of flying super fast, with their wings beating something like 100 beats per minute. Truly, an engineering feat of nature.

Hummingbirds are quite popular amongst birdwatchers. Probably because in addition to their fascinating flight abilities, they’re also quite pretty and have beautiful, shiny feathers. Because they’re so cool-looking, people want them visiting their gardens. People often put up feeders in their backyards in order to attract these awesome little birds to their gardens. There are different ways of feeding hummingbirds. Some of us plant flowers and bushes that are attractive to hummingbirds, while others of us go the more traditional route of getting pre-made hummingbird feeders that we can hang up in our gardens.

Of course, there are some people who want a really close-up view of a hummingbird and even attempt a more hands-on approach to feeding the birds. Yes, there are some people who attempt to feed hummingbirds by hand. For some people who are really big into bird-watching, getting a close-up feeding experience with a hummingbird is a special moment, but feeding a hummingbird by hand takes a lot of patience and careful planning. For example, wearing a red or floral print outfit helps to attract the birds, as does the keen observation of the time of day when hummingbirds are more likely to come visit your garden. When actually putting out food make sure that you remain still and keep your hands steady. And most importantly, if you ever attempt to feed a hummingbird by hand, don’t ever try to touch it. Hummingbirds are particularly fragile so you definitely don’t want to accidentally cause damage.

Photo: Pixabay

While hand-feeding a hummingbird is already a pretty ambitious deed, one man in Lyons, Colorado has gone above and beyond ambitious. This man came up with the most brilliant solution to getting up and personal with hummingbirds. He managed to create his own unique birds-eye-view feeder by attaching tiny plastic feeders full of sugar water to his eyewear.

In a video, you can see just how close the hummingbirds are getting to him. It’s incredible. Not only is he seeing them up close, but there is no doubt that he can also hear the flapping of wings. Simply stunning.

Watch the video below:

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