Sick Of Pet Shaming, These Animals Get Revenge!

You can easily find video after video of dogs and cats being “pet shamed.” Well, these pets are fed up and are getting even with their humans once and for all!

Remember, your pets are around FOR EVERYTHING. They are a fixture in our lives (that we often forget they are even there!) We do plenty of things right in front of them, that we wouldn’t do in front of anyone else. Imagine if they actually took notice and shamed us for our quirks? Human shaming may just be the next big thing!

Think about all the things we do “in private” that are actually not that private if we include our pets. Like sing in the shower (my dog lies on the mat right outside the tub and happily listens to my off-key, raspy, not-very-good voice. She doesn’t human shame me! Or when we snore loudly in our sleep, they do hear us! And I’m not even going to go into bodily functions, because, well, let’s just NOT GO THERE! ROFL! Our pets are our best friends through it all and they don’t tell on us. So, let’s stop shaming them, please! It’s just not nice! Even when it’s funny, they’re definitely NOT laughing!

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