Her Dog Went Missing For 2 Months. When They’re Finally Reunited, He Can’t Stop Hugging Her!

When your dog goes missing, it’s like a piece of your heart has been ripped out of your chest. You immediately search high and low, but if they’re nowhere to be found, you wonder if you’ll ever see your beloved best friend ever again. It’s a feeling that no one should ever have to experience, and if they do, then hopefully it’s a happy ending.

Luckily for this woman, she got a happy ending. Her dog went missing and he was nowhere to be found. For an entire two months, she had to be without her furry best friend, not knowing if she’ll ever get him back. Thankfully, he was found, and their reunion is the ultimate reunion.

He was brought out on a leash and sniffed around for a few, but as soon as he saw his owner, he went running toward her and jumped up, giving her the biggest hug ever and lots of kisses. This one is definitely a tear-jerker! Watch it for yourself in the video below:

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