Once Pinned To Railroad Tracks And Left For Dead, See How This Pit Bull Is Doing Now!

How anyone can be this cruel is baffling! This sweet Pit Bull pup faced a tragic beginning. He was pinned to railroad tracks and left for dead, with his other siblings, by disgusting humans. BUT HE WAS SAVED BY RAILROAD WORKERS!!! YAY!


He lost his back paw and had to have surgery. But Hudson remained strong. He was built that way… A pawsome puppy warrior!

Hudson had to find the perfect home. One that understands his needs, and what he’s been through. Thankfully, HE DID! Now, he’s doing amazingly well. He has a brand new prosthetic paw, a family who loves him and guess what else! Hudson is now a therapy dog! If anyone can understand challenges and hardships, it’s Hudson!


Now Hudson, and his wonderful family, travel all over and spreads awareness about animal cruelty. He is proof that with love and courage, anything is possible! Hudson’s strength and forgiving spirit is so inspiring! I adore this dog!


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