How Your Cat Can Beat The Summer Heat

Cat with Beach UmbrellaSummer is here, the weather is getting warmer, and we tend to find ourselves outdoors and less likely to be at home. This may be easy for some, but for those with a pretty kitty we need to make sure to keep them cool, calm, and collected even in the sunniest of weather!

Preventing Sunburns:
Just like humans, cats who are white or pale in color are more likely to burn quick, especially on their ears, nose and areas with little to no fur. This also makes them more susceptible to skin cancer.

To prevent short and long term affects of the sun, remember to keep your feline friends indoors between the hours of 11a.m. and 3p., this is when the sun is beating down on us the strongest. But if there’s no telling your cat to stay indoors in the summer heat, pick up a pet-friendly sunblock from your local vet or use non-toxic waterproof human sunscreen.

Avoiding Heatstroke:
Hydration is key! Make sure there is always clean water available and accessible for your cat. Knowing the early signs of heat exhaustion is important too. If your cat collapses, is panting excessively or dribbling it’s time to move them to a cooler place, dampen their coat and contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Traveling Safely:
When traveling with your cat in a car, make sure the windows are open, that they are not sitting in direct sunlight and it’s most important never to leave them alone.

But if you plan to travel abroad by plane or train  with your fancy feline, it’s important to ask your vet what vaccinations they may need to get a pet passport and to stay happy and healthy during your trip.

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