How to Tell if Your Cat is Sick

Felines are remarkably good at hiding their illnesses. So unfortunately for their human companions, it can be really difficult to tell when your furry friend is under the weather. Cats will show subtle signs that they are feeling ill, so take note of any of these behavioral or physical changes in your feline:

One of the easiest signs to pick up that your cat isn’t feeling too hot is a change in litter box habits. Whether you’ve noticed more or less waste in the litter box, or a strong odor when it goes, this can be an immediate warning sign that something isn’t right.

Your cat may also change its eating habits. Sick cats will often avoid eating altogether, which you can notice from its appearance and the amount of leftover food in the bowl. Drinking habits may also change, so be sure you regularly fill water bowls so these changing habits are easy to catch.

While some cats can be very talkative in general, an increase in vocal habits is normally an indicator of something going on in the kitty’s body. However, if your feline is normally a meower, you may notice a change in the volume or pitch of sounds.

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