How to Support the Needs of a High-Energy Dog

You probably know taking in a new pet can be a handful. But are you fully aware of the needs of a high-energy dog? Canines aren't just a part of the family, they are also a big responsibility. Certain breeds are prone to display high amounts of energy, but all dogs need exercise.

According to the Animal Planet website, dalmatians, border collies, Australian shepherds and Siberian huskies are all high-energy breeds. Additionally, golden and Labrador retrievers tend to exhibit lots of pep too – so it can depend on the actual pet.

It's important to know what you are getting yourself into and fully prepare for the new addition to your home. Just like a newborn baby is a primary responsibility, pets should get the same type of attention. They are not only here to entertain people; owners need to accommodate their needs as well.

Dog owner and Dogster contributor Heather Burns wrote about how she learned to adapt to her high-energy half yellow lab and half golden retriever. She made her dog one of her main responsibilities. This involved routine walks, intensive exercise along hiking trails and stimulating indoor games.

Read up on the characteristics of a dog breed before you bring it into your home. Understand what it takes to maintain its proper activity level and keep it happy.

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