How To Remove Snowballs From Dog’s Fur And Prevent Them From Occurring

Winter has arrived and so has the never-ending snow.

Dog owners must deal with snow not only in their driveway but also remove the clumps of it stuck in their dog’s fur. It doesn’t matter if your dog dives head first into a snowbank or bolts back indoors at the first sight of snow, all must go outside to potty.

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The question countless dog owners want to know is: “How do you remove or prevent snowballs from collecting in your dog’s fur?”

Besides letting your dog pull them out of their fur themselves or you gently removing them with your hands, we found some solutions that seem feasible and effective. Check them out below.

Ways To Remove Snowballs From Dog’s Fur

Wire Whisk

This handy kitchen tool is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to remove snowballs. A wire whisk gently removes the clumps without causing the dog distress and is used by many doodle dog owners. Check out the video below by @doodledogtown to see just how easy it is.

@doodledogtown Do you have a doodle? We have two mini Goldendoodles. Millie (our 5 yr old) has a wavy coat, while Coco, our puppy, has a very curly coat. The curlier the coat, the more likely that snowballs will stick to their fur. Simply use a kitchen utensil (a whisk!) to help remove them. Easy peasy! Let me know if this was helpful! #puppysnow #dogsnow #snowdog #snowballs #goldendoodlesoftiktok #minigoldendoodlesoftiktok #dogtips #dogmaintenance #doodlelife ♬ Future – BCD Studio

Hair Dryer

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A hair dryer is another handy tool that most people have in their homes and can be used on a low heat setting to melt the snow off your dog.

Warm Water

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Dipping your dog’s paws into a bucket of warm water will help melt off the pesky snowballs. Be sure to have a towel nearby to dry off their paws and legs. For long-haired dogs with snowballs on their head and body it may be best to head to the tub to gently wash them off with warm water.

Prevent Snowballs From Collecting On Dog’s Fur

Paw Wax

Musher’s Secret works to not only moisturize your dog’s pads but will also protect against road salt and snowballs. It is said to be “an invisible boot” giving your dog year-round protection. The all-natural paw wax is easy to use and a little goes a long way.

@thetravelingkings put it to the test and posted a video raving about the product on TikTok. Check it out.

@thetravelingkings This paw wax is a game changer! ⬇️ Our pup’s feet would ALWAYS get frozen clumps of snow embedded into her foot pads on snowy hikes, and it always seemed uncomfortable and very cold. We heard about paw wax, and this is our new go-to to keep her paws clean and comfortable. I was honestly shocked it worked so well! @musherssecretpawwax – – – #pawwax #musherssecretpawwax #musherssecret #hikingdog #hikingpup #snowyhike #idahocity #idahocitytrails #idahoparknski #happyhikingdog ♬ original sound – thetravelingkings


Depending on if your dog has short or long hair, you may need a full snowsuit or just booties. Aside from keeping their paws and fur protected, the gear will keep your dog warm and looking adorable.

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Check out these dog boots and dog jacket we offer where every purchase helps feed shelter animals.

We hope that these tips help you enjoy the winter season as much as your dog, or at least tolerate it until spring arrives.

Then the mud will appear… and we all know that there is no way of keeping our dogs away from that temptation. Share your tips on removing snowballs from your dog’s fur in the comments.

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