How to Make an Emergency Kit For Your Cat

No one wants to imagine themselves being the victim of a natural disaster, but it can happen to anyone. When a drastic weather event happens, it's hard to gather your basic belongings and your cat as well. However, you don't have to be left unprepared in the case of an emergency. Here is what you need to make a disaster kit for your cat:

Cat carrier
Make sure you always have a cat carrier of the appropriate size on hand. Even if you don't use it very often, don't store it too far away in a basement or the back of a closet – it needs to be easily accessible.

Small bag
Include the following items in a bag that has a zipper closure:

  • Pee pads – These will be used to line the bottom of your pet's carrier.
  • Food and water bowls – You can easily purchase plastic bowls that can serve as food and water containers.
  • Litter pan – Pack away a small disposable pan and a plastic zip-close bag full of litter.
  • Food – Stock up on canned cat food with flip top-lids. You can also put dry kibble in a resealable bag if your pet prefers the taste.

Other items
Also include a few bottles of water and first-aid items. Depending on your cat, you might also need medication and veterinarian information.

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