Veterinarian Claims You Can Keep Ants From Your Dog’s Bowl By Using Chalk

We all want to do what we can to keep our dogs happy, healthy, and comfortable.

This includes providing them with plenty of good food, lots of clean water, and a comfortable place to sleep.

The problem is, when you put a food bowl out, it isn’t long before the ants find it.

Photo: flickr/keeping it real

This can be irritating or perhaps even infuriating, but a veterinarian named Adam Christman decided to go on TikTok and share a video of how to fix the problem.

Quite simply, he used some chalk and drew a heart shape around the dog’s bowl.

Photo: TikTok/dr.adamchristman52

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Photo: TikTok/dr.adamchristman52

Why did he do this? The chalk interrupted their scent trail, so they would have a difficult time following it to the dog’s bowl.

The way that you do it is fairly simple. You simply use some chalk to draw around the pet bowl and that should keep the ants from coming.


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