How One Picture Saved This Dog’s Life

In March 2014, two-year-old Finley was dropped off at a pet hospital in Colorado to be euthanized. A few days earlier, he had nipped at a child and his owners were prepared to end his life for it.

But thanks to a generous shelter and a determined animal photographer, this mutt got a second chance at life.

Rather than needlessly put Finley down, the hospital immediately went to work searching for a generous rescue group that could house him. That’s when the Cheyenne Animal Shelter (CAS) stepped in. “We heard about Finley’s story and immediately jumped on the opportunity to give this kind dog another shot,” says animal photographer and CAS staff member Brooke Byelich.

According to Byelich, Finley was very timid at first and stood cowering in the back of the kennel. But once staff coaxed him out, he immediately began to wag his tail. “[He] looked at us with his soft brown eyes, almost as if he was saying thank you,” says Byelich.

As a supporter of the One Picture Saves a Life program, Byelich knew that for Finley, beautiful photography could mean the difference between life in a shelter and a forever home. That’s why as soon as Finely arrived in Cheyenne, Byelich gave him the all-star treatment and captured his energetic spirit in a photo shoot.


Her images were posted on the CAS website in late March, and by April 15th, Finley had been adopted. “This picture captures Finley’s personality and character perfectly,” says Byelich. “All I can say is that #onepicturesaves.”

In the United States, approximately three to four million pets are euthanized in animal shelters each year. The One Picture Saves a Life program is committed to making that number zero by helping shelter staff increase animals’ chances for adoption through great photography.

Finley’s story proves that one picture truly does save a life. You can help save shelter pets, too. Spread the word about One Picture Saves a Life and learn about how you can help get animals adopted at your local shelter!

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