Survey Reveals How Much Pet Parents Spend In The First Few Months Of Pet Parenthood

Welcoming a pet into the family is such a rewarding and exciting time, but it can also come at a cost.

Not only do pets require a lot of care and attention, but they can also cost a lot of money.

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One of the things that people should consider when adopting a pet is how much it’ll cost in the first few months. Thankfully, a recent survey might help take the guesswork out of it.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.

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According to SWNS, the survey asked some 2,000 pet owners about the costs associated with their pets and the results show most spent an average of $553 on things like adoption fees and food and toys before their pet arrived.

On top of that, most spent an additional $550 on their pets within the first six months of ownership, exceeding the costs many people expect to shell out.

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Costs include bedding, clothing, toys, collars, leashes, food and water bowls, along with things like grooming services, different types of food, and “puppy proofing” supplies.

Many pet parents also had around three unplanned or unexpected medical expenses or vet visits within the first year of owning their pet.

According to SWNS, many pet parents claimed they felt unprepared for pet ownership and the costs associated with it.

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According to the news outlet, Rob Jackson, CEO and chief pet protector at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, said: “You don’t plan for your dog to swallow a plastic chew toy or your cat to develop diabetes. These are the types of conditions that can cost thousands in emergency or specialty veterinary care.”

It can be hard to be fully prepared for costs associated with pet ownership, but knowing the full scope of how much it can cost and what the average pet owner spends can help you go into pet parenthood feeling more confident and ready to give your furry friend the best.

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