Slow Motion Camera Reveals How Dogs Get Up So Fast

Have you ever called your sleeping or lounging dog to go out for a walk or get a treat and notice how fast they hop up?

When they hear something they want, they waste no time jumping from their sleeping position to run ahead – but how, exactly, do they get up so fast?

Videographer Matt Mikka wanted to figure it out and he knew just the way to do it.

Photo: YouTube/Warped Perception

Using a high-speed 4K camera, Mikka called on the help of two assistants to film slow-motion footage of dogs getting up: a German shepherd and a chihuahua.

The German Shepherd, April, was the first to participate in the experiment and he got up so quickly it was impossible to break down the movements of how he did it. However, the slow-motion footage was clear enough for the human eye to follow his movements and it’s quite impressive.

Photo: YouTube/Warped Perception

He starts laying down and when he’s ready to hop up, his whole body rotates so his legs are underneath him and he’s ready to run!

In the follow-up test with the chihuahua, the footage revealed the same thing. The little pup used the same technique as the German Shepherd!

Photo: YouTube/Warped Perception

Mikka concluded in the video, “I was amazed by the results and in the end I realized that dogs don’t waste time moving around like we do, they just spin in place and pop straight up in an instant.”

Check it out below:

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