How Animals Would Run If They Were Human

Have you ever wondered what animals might run like if they were human?

Apparently, it’s something comedian Daniel LaBelle thought of and he wanted to get to the bottom of it. So, he created a skit to demonstrate just what it might look like to see various animals running as people.

Animals are so different and they have a unique way of running around. Cats dart with speed, horses gallop, and penguins waddle.

Photo: Max Pixel

LaBelle took on the persona of several animals to show just what it’d look like if they were running in human form. He covered a waddling penguin, a waddling duck, a galloping horse, a sprinting cheetah, a cautious deer, an eager dog, a precise cat, a slow sloth, a scuttling crab, and a hopping kangaroo.

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He regularly uses non-verbal communication to create a skit or portray an idea, and he did that perfectly with this demonstration.

It’s easy to tell what animals he’s impersonating, without a word being spoken!

Photo: YouTube/Daniel LaBelle
Photo: YouTube/Daniel LaBelle

According to his YouTube, he specializes in “creating short physical comedy videos with the hope of uplifting you and giving you smiles!” I think it’s safe to say he did just that!

Watch the video below:

You can follow LaBelle on YouTube here or on Instagram, @daniellabelle1.

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