Horses Terrified Of A Small Bunny Refuse To Keep Walking

Horses are such large and majestic creatures that it’s hard to imagine anything scaring them. However, they can actually be quite skittish and can get easily spooked by the silliest of things.

It turns out that one tiny little bunny was enough to keep two hungry horses from enjoying their evening dinner – and the resulting footage was pure gold.

The hilarious video was captured by the horses’ owner, Samantha May. She’s standing at the end of a trail, calling for her two horses, Pie and Domino. The two horses were about to be fed but as they trot up the road, they stop, completely frozen in their tracks.

Photo: Facebook/Samantha May

What was scaring them so badly? A small, fluffy bunny. That was the terrifying monster that they could not bring themselves to pass.

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The ensuing video was quite funny to watch as May tries her best to coax them past the perceived threat. They cannot bring themselves to walk straight up to it, even though they attempt to several times.

Photo: Facebook/Samantha May

May even zooms out to show the height scale between them, emphasizing just how much bigger they are compared to the little animal that they’re scared of.

In the video, she can be heard repeating, “Guys, it’s a bunny. It’s just a bunny.”

Photo: Facebook/Samantha May

But Pie and Domino weren’t convinced. To them, the bunny was very scary, and eventually, May had to scare off the bunny for them so they could finally have their dinner.

Watch the hilarious video below:

What do you think of these horses and their fear of the bunny? Have you ever seen a horse be scared of something silly? Let us know!

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