These Horses Were Struggling To Stay Afloat In Rising Floodwaters. During Their Rescue, My Heart Was POUNDING!

Severe weather and massive flooding is nothing new to Texas. While preparations are made every year, it is impossible to know the effect the storm season will have. Deadly and historic floods have swept through Houston, Texas recently, but humans weren’t the only ones affected. Dozens of horses got stuck in the flooding and were unable to swim out on their own. They were very nervous and were struggling to keep their heads above the rising flood waters near Cypress Creek.

Thankfully, rescuers from the Houston SPCA went out in the water to rescue the horses. Whether it was using boats, or leading them through the water by swimming, they were able to rescue more than 70 horses! Fortunately, according to the Office of Emergency Management, none of the horses died. In the videos below, you can see some of the trapped horses being rescued.

And here is a woman rescuing one of the horses:

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