He Unchains A Mama Horse’s Legs So She Can Run Wild, Then Her Foal Thanks Him In The Sweetest Way

Four Paws International is an animal welfare charity founded in Austria, that helps animals who have been abused for entertainment, economic, scientific, or other reasons.

One of their vets, Ovidiu Rosu, was in Letea, Romania, when he discovered a horse hopping in chains. According to Four Paws, it’s common practice in many parts of Romania to chain the front or hind legs of horses with chains to prevent them from running away; this is known as a hobble. It’s unknown exactly where this horse came from, whether or not it somehow got away from its owner, but what matters most is that now she will run free.

They tranquilized the horse to be able to cut the chains loose. They could tell that the chains have been on for quite some time since they were digging into her skin. During the rescue, the horse’s foal went up to the vet and gave him a little nudge with his nose, as if thanking him for saving his mother. Now this poor horse will be able to walk normal and keep up with all of the other horses!

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