This Horse Trio Had Been Apart For 4 Years. Then They See Each Other Again For The First Time…

These three horses, Arthur, William and Harry, were together since “foalhood” and loved each other’s company. They became the best of friends and developed a bond that was irreplaceable. It was amazing to see how close these horses grew, and to see that such friendship can exist, regardless of the species.

Sadly, their owner was financially struggling and eventually had to sell Arthur. Four and a half years later, she was able to repurchase Arthur and reunite him with his old best horse buds!

She lets Arthur loose in the field, and he runs right over to the other horse. Then their other horse friend comes running over to see him. The reunion truly seems like they’ve never left each other, although I’m sure they have a lot catch up on! It looks like Harry and William definitely remember their old best friend, Arthur! It is so nice to see these three horse friends together again after all these years, and it’s amazing that these animals remembered each other despite not being with each other four almost three and a half years! Catch the reunion in the video below:

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