This Horse Sees A Barrel. Watch What He Does Next!

It certainly does not take much to make this horse happy!

I wish I found ANYTHING this fun and exciting! Just take a simple barrel, and go crazy! Most of us probably haven’t had this much fun since we were toddlers, but it sure is great to see this guy having fun! Busy, a two-year-old Arabian Colt, who resides in Meadow Vista, California, had a blast playing with a barrel while he was breaking in his saddle. When he’s given the barrel, he goes from horse to dog!

He runs all around the yard, rolling the barrel forward by pushing it with his nose. It’s such a simple thing, yet he’s having so much fun with it! You can tell that Busy is one happy horse. His name is pretty fitting because in this video he’s definitely “busy” having fun!

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