Horse Kicks A Tree And Farts On Dog Before Running Away

Having pets can bring endless hours of entertainment, especially if you have a quirky animal who walks to the beat of its own drum.

Take Sven, a 13-year-old grulla quarter horse, for example. The playful horse lives in Canada with his two horse friends, some rescue dogs, and his parents.

He spends his time doing usual horse things, like trotting around fields and eating his favorite snacks. But sometimes, he does something out of the ordinary.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One day, Sven’s owners happened to capture a moment he let out his quirky side and the Internet can’t get enough! In a now-viral video shared on YouTube, you can see Sven run by a tree, kick it, and then run away – farting on the dog as he goes by!

“It was a cool fall day and he was feeling very frisky,” his owners explained on YouTube.

Photo: YouTube/Yukon
sven the horse
Photo: YouTube/Yukon

It seems many people related to the horse’s antics, as one person commented on the video, “I have finally found my spirit animal!” and many people agreed. “Saw the kick, heard the fart. Outstanding,” another person commented.

Animals are so unique and funny. Just like humans, they have their own quirks and weird things they do, and it’s one of the things we love about them!

Watch the video below:

You can keep up with Sven and his antics on YouTube.

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