A Random Horse Walked Into This Guy’s Living Room And Decided To Make Herself Comfortable

When we think of horses and where they live, we most likely imagine them out in a field or a pasture. It makes sense. They are large creatures who need plenty of space to freely roam around. We’d never picture them inside someone’s house, much less our own home.

But one man from Dunedin, New Zealand got the surprise of his life when he came face to face with a horse in his house. He had no idea where it had come from as he did not own a horse of his own.

Doug Renoe was given quite a hop when the random horse wandered into the living room as though he belonged in the man’s home. And the horse made himself quite at home as well.

Doug was naturally taken aback by the sight of a horse in his house – especially since he didn’t have a horse. Not knowing what else to do, he took to social media.

He posted a Facebook appeal, requesting information about anyone in the area who might have been missing a horse.

His message read, “Is anyone in Highcliff area missing a horse? This one has come inside eaten half my dinner and also my wife’s carrots from the garden. We will keep her for a pet if not claimed.”

The post ended up drawing attention from someone in the area who, in fact, had lost their horse. Ben Telfer-Hynes felt quite relieved after being alerted to the Facebook post. He was happy to know that his horse, Sharq, had been found – even if she was making herself at home in someone else’s abode.

Ben went to go get her. He drove all the way to Doug’s to pick her up. The silly equine had to accept that her big odyssey had come to an end. She obediently went home with Ben. But not before Ben shared the reason why Sharq was so comfortable inside: she’s actually an indoor horse! It’s no wonder she was quite happy to help herself to the inside of Doug’s home.

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People all across social media had plenty to say about Sharq’s big adventure. One person commented that Doug should’ve “pulled out the couch” for the horse houseguest. Someone else wrote, “ROFL. That is really funny.” And a third person shared a similar story that their granddaughter’s horse would come into their home in search of treats.

Don’t think it’ll be easy topping that horse encounter. What do you think?

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