Some People May Be Tempted To Run The Other Way. Instead, These Rescuers Did This!

When it comes to dog rescues, Eldad and Lisa don’t back down. Not to the elements and certainly not to the size or breed of the dog. This beautiful German Shepherd, later named Adrienne, was living all alone in horrible conditions. But, like they are known for, Hope for Paws was going to make sure that this dog did not die on the streets. NO WAY!

There would be no more empty-belly-days, loneliness or living in filth. Adrienne’s world was about to change, thankfully, for the better. It’s scary for her at first, of course, being rescued. She has no idea what’s going on! But as soon as Adrienne figures out that she is going to be okay, and eat burgers, she calms down and allows her rescuers to get closer.

After being rescued, Adrienne was taken to Coastal German Shepherds Rescue where she found her forever home. Don’t happy endings like this make you smile from ear to ear? ME TOO!

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