Neglected Bunny Was Shaved And Soaked In Urine, But Now That’s Changed

Hope the Bunny is living an awesome life in Massachusetts with her human, Amy, but she didn’t always have it so easy.

Hope was rescued from the brink of death and nursed back to health by Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, a nonprofit shelter in Rhode Island.

She was very neglected and in horrible shape. When the rescue took her in, she was shaved and soaked in urine. They decided to name her Hope, in the hope that she’d have a better life.

Source: YouTube/HeartwarmingAnimals
Source: YouTube/HeartwarmingAnimals

Amy spent hours each day getting her used to human touch. She was very afraid and would hide away from people. But as the days went on, she warmed up to others and became much more social.

Now, Hope has successfully lived up to her name, and proved that you can come a long way if you keep hope alive. Watch this adorable bunny in the video below:

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