I Was Smiling The Whole Time! #4 Is My Favorite.

These critters are anything but downers!

Sometimes life just seems so hard that we can’t go on. Then some familiar furry faces bring us so much joy that we can’t help but look on the bright side of life.

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Video #1: 9 Tips To Get Rid Of Those Adorable, Yet Pesky Hiccups

Tip 3 – Get tickled
tickle kitty!

Tip 7 – Stick your tongue out
stick your tongue out

Video #2: Awesome Animal Moms

Panda moms rule lol… if only we all had this level of patience.
panda mom

Help! I’ve swum and I can’t get out!


Video #3: BeeBee the AMAZING Wheelchair Chihuahua!

Now isn’t this the cutest/most inspiring thing you’ve seen all day?!?
bee bee

Video #4: Baby Animals Taking Their First Steps

O. M. GEE!!!
baby horse

You can do it lil’ guy..!

Video #5: Why We Should Go On Vacation With Our Dogs

Pooch has serious FOMO

“Can I kick it?” ‘Yes you can!’

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