Stray Chihuahua Ran From Rescuers For Months Until A Kind Man Threw Her A Ball

A little dog in Bakersfield, California spent months living on the streets. When rescuers tried to approach her, she would run away. However, all of that changed when Danny from A SafeFurr Place Animal Rescue arrived.

The little chihuahua mix, later named Honey, kept being reported as a stray dog wandering high-traffic areas of Bakersfield. When rescuers would arrive, the little pup would dart away in fear. She wouldn’t let anyone get close enough to capture her!

Rescuers kept receiving reports of Honey for months, and finally, Danny from A SafeFurr Place Animal Rescue stepped in to try and rescue the dog.

Photo: Pixabay/TheOtherKev

Like others before him, when he got to the area where Honey was, she quickly ran away from him. He wasn’t about to let that stop him, though.

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Danny kept going to the different areas Honey hung out, and one day, he brought a ball. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but when he tossed the ball, he was happily surprised to see Honey chase it and play!

After that, Danny went back with a squeaky toy. Honey was really into it, but she still refused to let him close!

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Little by little, Danny worked his way closer and closer to Honey with the help of toys. Eventually, he was able to get close enough to get a leash around her!

As soon as Danny got her home, Honey warmed up and it was as if her fear completely disappeared. She became a loving, playful pup who was so eager to see people and get attention. She made a complete 360!

Of course, Danny was thrilled to see Honey’s transformation and to support her, but he knew what she really needed was a forever home and a family.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

When a spot became available for Honey at a shelter in Oregon, Danny sent Honey up there to be put up for adoption. In just a matter of days, she found a loving forever home!

In the video below from The Dodo, Danny said that he cried when he heard the news of her adoption. He was so happy for her!

Watch the video of Honey’s rescue below:

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