Pregnant Shelter Dog Who Was Slated For Euthanasia Was Rescued Just In Time To Give Birth

This pup, named Holly, was pregnant and unfortunately stuck in a high-kill shelter. She was scheduled to be euthanized since the shelter didn’t have enough room for her anymore. But thankfully, Dr. Karri at Vet Ranch was able to rescue sweet Holly and her unborn puppies!

Dr. Karri x-rayed Holly to get a better look at the puppies — to see how developed they are and also to see how many she’s having! It’s amazing to see all the little pups in the x-ray; they counted five of them, and they were large and almost completely developed. With that being said, and since she already had milk, Dr. Karri estimated that Holly was only a few days away from giving birth. And she was right! Holly had her pups and they were all healthy and adorable as ever! Not only did Dr. Karri rescue one dog, she wound up saving six!

Watch the pups grow in the video below:

Ashley Maisano

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