Did You Know These 8 Holiday Health Hazards For Your Pet?

When it comes to your pets, you can never take too many safety precautions. Although the holiday season is a magical time full of family, fun, and traditions, there are also some threats to your pets that you should be aware of. Pay attention to these 8 potential threats in order to keep the most wonderful time of the year what it is meant to be – wonderful!

8. Candles

Just like on Halloween, holiday candles can pose a threat to curious pets. Despite the obvious fire hazard, pets can burn themselves if they get too close to the flame, and there is also the danger of spilled hot wax hurting sensitive paw pads. It is best to keep candles in a hard-to-reach spot, away from curious paws and noses, or to use fake flame candles as a substitute for real flame.


7. Ornaments

Curious pets will want to investigate the colorful and shiny ornaments hanging on your tree. Ingesting these can cause many problems for your pet, including cuts on the mouth and intestines, and pose as a possible choking hazard. Make sure to decorate your tree in a “pet-safe” fashion. Glass, aluminum, and paper ornaments should be placed safely out of your pet’s reach towards the top of the tree. Caution should always be used with your pets around the tree, and make sure to remove ornaments that capture their attention in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Speaking of shiny things….

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