Holiday Hazards: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about family and food, and your pets are a part of the family! That means hustle and bustle all throughout the house that’s dangerous for your furry friend, so here are some tips to keep your pets safe this holiday season.

Kitchen pet-iquette 

Photo: Pixabay

The kitchen is especially busy around Thanksgiving. People are running here and there, brining, roasting, chopping, and more. Don’t let your cat walk around the counters while you cook. With so much going on, he may get in the way, and it’s not sanitary to have his little paws walking where you’re about to put food. Distract him with some catnip or a toy in another room.

It’s dangerous to have your dog in the kitchen as well. Regardless of how big or small she is, she could easily trip someone who is carrying a heavy food dish and not paying attention to their feet. To keep her out of harms way, put up a baby gate so your dog can’t access the kitchen.

At the table

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When they look at us with their cute faces hoping to catch some dinner scraps, it can be so tempting to give our pets some tasty morsels. Be careful with what you give them. Poultry bones are especially dangerous because they can cause serious damage to your pet’s digestive system.  Have treats that you would normally give them on hand so they can still get some extra loving but without the potential dangers of food they’re not used to.

It is also important to tell guests not to feed your animals. They may not think about the consequences and let the cat take the wishbone from the turkey. “She really wanted it,” they’ll say afterward, but we know not to give in to their begging faces!

In the case of emergency

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You should always have the phone number of the closest 24-hour veterinary clinic on hand, as well as your regular vet’s number, just in case cousin Timmy gives Fido something that he shouldn’t have.

Chances are, you have family around on this day, and not all of them are busy helping. If your pets are causing trouble in the kitchen or with your guests, have a pet-friendly family member entertain them. Kid relatives are especially happy to have this job. Running around with the cat and the dog sounds like fun to us!

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