Boarding Options for Fur Babies During the Holidays

The thought of leaving your pet behind any time you leave town can be a tad overwhelming. Questions like who to trust, is anyone free, and will they be safe are all at the top of your list. The best choice, of course, is for them to stay in their own home with a trusted family member or friend, but that isn’t always an option during the holidays. So, what to do?

cat at vets
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Your Veterinarian

For starters, your own veterinarian might have kennels they use for temporary boarding. You already have a relationship with him or her and your pets know them and their staff, so it could be a win-win all around. Another benefit is that if something should happen to them — God forbid — your vet is the first person you’d likely bring them to, anyway. If this gives you some sense of reassurance, call them up and ask if they take pets during the Christmas season.

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PetSmart PetsHotel

Several years back, PetSmart announced that they were offering doggy daycare and overnight pet boarding. Boasting comfortable accommodations with safety-certified associates, their PetsHotel provides a welcoming spot for dogs and cats to stay while you’re away. Boarders are made to feel at home with around-the-clock care in a safe, clean, temperature-controlled environment. Pet stays include playtime, exercise, healthy meals, and access to veterinarians, should the need arise. You can even have them groomed while they’re there.

Basically, it’s one-stop shopping for busy pet parents looking for an all-inclusive boarding package.

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Petco Boarding

Petco has really branched out these days. While they offer pet-friendly vacation-rental listings via their partnership with Marriott now, they have also teamed up with to provide pet sitting and boarding solutions. You can choose from overnight pet care in the comfort of a sitter’s home or house-sitting services where they come and stay in the familiar surroundings of your home. The sitters will walk your pets, play with them, and make sure they’re fed to your specifications.

If you just want someone to drop in each day for a wellness check, feeding, or litter box cleaning, they offer that as well. This could be a better option for small pets that need checking in on but don’t necessarily require more frequent visits or full-time supervision.

holiday lights French bulldog
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Holiday Pet Boarding

Let’s face it: you probably don’t like the idea of it but sometimes it can’t be helped. Whatever you decide, be sure to do your homework on the facility or sitting service you choose and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions or request references. After all, they’re looking after what amounts to your kids.

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