Adventurous Kitten Hitchhikes For 20 Miles Underneath Owner’s Car

A Utah woman was distraught when her tiny kitten, Milo, escaped from the house while she bundled her daughter into the car for daycare. She quickly searched the yard but couldn’t find the kitten before it was time leave for work. “I haven’t been able to find him since this morning,” Jessica Mosher wrote on a local Facebook page for lost pets. “If anyone has seen him please message me!”

Little did Jessica know that Milo had actually climbed underneath the car, where he hitchhiked for roughly 20 miles as she traveled between daycare and work, making several stops along the way.

Photo: Facebook/Jess Mocher

“Apparently he climbed up underneath my car, drove with me to Spanish Fork to drop my daughter off at daycare, drove with me to Orem at my work, stayed under my car the whole time,” Jessica told Fox 13 Salt Lake City. “I don’t know how he stayed on because I wasn’t driving particularly safe either.”

Maybe that’s why Milo finally decided to disembark once Jessica arrived at her final destination — and promptly climbed up into the hood of an entirely different car.

Photo: Facebook/Jess Mocher

The second driver, Joy Bylsma, drove to her second job at a local bakery before she noticed the tiny hitchhiker around 11pm. “This sweet, obviously well-loved, collar-with-a bell-wearing kitten seemed so out of place!!” she wrote, recalling how the tiny kitten came out of nowhere and started rubbing her ankles. Unsure of what else to do, Joy put the cat in her car and took him home.

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In a twist, the Jessica and Joy are colleagues and friends, but the women wouldn’t make this connection until Milo was safely back at Joy’s house, eating a can of tuna.

It wasn’t until Joy was making dinner that evening that she finally opened up Facebook, where she saw Jessica posting about her missing cat. “She calls me hysterical,” Joy said. “Like, ‘You’re lying, you don’t have my kitten. How would you have my kitten?'”

Photo: Facebook/Joy Bylsma

Gradually, the women pieced together Milo’s action-packed day, which thankfully ended safely for the curious kitten. “I can’t quit repeating my initial reaction! What an amazing, rare and beautiful experience!!! Joy wrote on Facebook.

We couldn’t agree more!

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