Cat Unable to Leaf Tree During Louisiana Flood Finally Gets Rescued!

Hippy has had his fair share of “tree incidents” but this one was, by far, his worst. During the horrible rains and flooding in Louisiana, Hippy climbed up a tree and clung for life for three days. Thankfully, he was rescued, but my gosh, what an ordeal! Can you imagine how scared he must have been? Who ever coined “scaredy cat” was definitely NOT acquainted with Hippy!

The Louisiana floods have left many animals in dire situations. Sadly, these animals are displaced, many left in shelters needing donations (from animal lovers like you!).

But we can help!

Our Gifts That Can Give More™ can do so much, and they start as low as $5. We need to band together and get as much aid to these animals as possible.

Please consider donating. Sharing the information (and link) would be a huge help too! From our big, loving animal hearts to yours… Thank you!

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