Tigers And Other Big Cats Are More Like Your Housecat Than You Think

Deep down, all cats are the same when it comes to curiosity which, despite the proverb, doesn’t kill them.

Take every kitty’s favorite toy (the common cardboard box) and put it before lions, tigers, cougars, or any other big cat, and the results are surprisingly similar.

Cats of all stripes love cardboard boxes. Especially cats with stripes, in fact.

YouTube/Big Cat Rescue
YouTube/Big Cat Rescue

Tigers, lions, panthers, and pumas all flock to the fun when cardboard is around.

“if I fits, I sits” applies to these cats, too, despite the fact that most of them weight several hundred pounds, and could tear a human to shreds in seconds.

And even in a research study that sought to discover the similarities between domestic house cats and the big cats the roam the wild, the genetic differences were very few and far between.

YouTube/Big Cat Rescue
YouTube/Big Cat Rescue

Tigers themselves actually share 95.6 percent of their DNA with domestic cats, even though the two species split off from one another around 10.8 million years ago!

As time went on, the big cats we all know and love still have so many personality traits of house cats, which just makes them even more fun to watch when they find themselves in a particularly playful mood.

It doesn’t matter the size, they’re all kitties at heart!

Watch them play in the hilariously adorable video below.

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