Good Samaritans Spend 16 Hours Helping Injured Dog Down A Mountain

A dog named Bruno can rest easy thanks to 15 volunteers who helped rescue him while hiking.

According to New England Cable News (NECN), Bruno was hiking with his owner on Mount Jefferson, a popular hiking destination in New Hampshire.

Photo: YouTube/WMUR-TV

Unfortunately, the rough terrain upset the dog’s paws, and he wasn’t able to finish the hike. Being alone, the dog’s owner wasn’t sure what to do. So she took to Facebook to ask for help.

Amazingly, around 15 Good Samaritans saw the post and stepped up to help coordinate a rescue!

Photo: YouTube/WMUR-TV

One of the Good Samaritans spoke with NECN and said, “Once [Bruno’s] paws got torn up, he basically said, ‘Hey, I’m done walking, I’m done moving, I’ve had enough. And he just sat down and refused to move any further.'”

According to WMUR-TV, the 15 people found Bruno and his owner on the mountain and helped carry the dog over 2 miles of brutal terrain to safety. The entire rescue took around 16 hours.

Photo: YouTube/WMUR-TV

In the end, Bruno made it to safety, and he’s currently recovering from the ordeal alongside his owner.

You can see more of the rescue in the video below:

Bruno isn’t the only dog to need assistance while hiking. Back in 2019, search and rescue was deployed to help a mastiff who got stuck on the trail. And in 2020, rescuers deployed to save a dog who collapsed on a mountain while hiking!

It’s a good reminder to follow basic safety precautions when hiking with pets, including these 11 tips for hiking with dogs!

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