Hiker Finds Freezing Dog And Carries Her 6 Miles Down The Mountain

Three hikers were six miles up a mountain in Ireland when they discovered a lost dog!

The poor thing was so tired and cold, she couldn’t make the hike back down the mountain.

Of course, the hikers weren’t going to leave the dog to fend for herself, so they did what any passionate people would do: They carried her down the mountain.

Photo: Pixabay/AHibben

Before they began the hike down, two of the hikers, Jean and Ciara Nolan, wrapped the poor dog in coats to keep warm.

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Jean hoisted her onto his shoulders and began the descent, with Ciara filming parts of it.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo
Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

Eventually, they switched positions so the dog was wrapped in coats and tied to Jean’s back.

Jean was understandably exhausted by the end of the six miles. Once they arrived at the road on the bottom of the mountain, the dog seemed to be feeling a bit better and was able to walk herself to the car so Jean could get a small break.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

Ciara and Jean drove the dog to their home and warmed her up by the fire. Thankfully, she was ok and they were even able to locate her parents!

Watch their reunion in the video below:

Lost, Freezing Dog Gets Carried 6 Miles Down A Mountain

Guy carries lost, freezing dog 6 miles down a mountain on his back ❤️

Posted by The Dodo on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

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