High School Students Save 50 Puppies With Help From A Dog Rescue

There are a lot of puppies in Cincinnati that are alive and doing well, thanks to the efforts of some kind-hearted students.

Those students helped a foster-based dog rescue, Hope Fur Pets Rescue to save almost 50 puppies from high kill shelters in the nearby area.

The rescue group shared photos of the students with the puppies on their Facebook page.

Photo: Facebook/Hope Fur Pets Rescue

The students worked along with the rescue to save puppies from multiple locations, including 19 puppies that were living on a farm. A litter of puppies being sold at a flea market was also rescued, along with young dogs that came from homes throughout the area.

After Hope Fur Pets Rescue rescued the puppies, they were turned over to the students for a little TLC.

Photo: Facebook/Hope Fur Paws Rescue

The vet tech veterinary program at Scarlet Oaks worked along with the rescue to provide space (as well as students) that would care for the dogs. The rescue said they were happy about the on-hand training that the students were receiving.

When you consider the number of puppies that were rescued, it truly is amazing.

Photo: Facebook/Hope Fur Paws Rescue

One student commented on the post saying, “Not the worst way to spend a school day!”

Photo: Facebook/Pam Nicodemus

As it turns out, the work of the rescue is not finished. They will be heading out to rural areas near Cincinnati and into Kentucky.

Their goal is to find puppies that need some help, and they will take the dogs to a clinic where they will be spayed or neutered before dropping them back off at their homes again.

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