Woman Shares Optical Illusion Of Her Dog That Goes Viral On TikTok

TikTok user Leah Malone recently uploaded a clip that has caused quite the stir.

She’s essentially playing her own version of Where’s Waldo? and people are loving it.

She captioned the video, “My friend lost their new puppy today.” When the video begins, all you can see is a totally zoomed-out shot of a living room.

Photo: TikTok/ancatdubh

Once Leah zoomed in on the living room fireplace, the objective of the video becomes abundantly clear.

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Since her friend’s dog, which happened to be present at the time, is a black Lab, the animal did not need to work to camouflage itself, the dog was able to blend right in with the fireplace!

Photo: TikTok/ancatdubh
Photo: TikTok/ancatdubh

Of course, the world of TikTok was taken aback by the discovery but it did not take them too long to get over it. This pup seems to know what is going on, too, which is another reason to laugh.

Watch the hilarious clip below:


My friend lost their new puppy today. #dogsoftiktok #nobodysgonnaknow #blacklab #dogs

♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

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