Here’s Your Daily Dose Of Cute: An Orphan Baby Sloth Nibbling On Hibiscus Flowers

This little baby orphan sloth was rescued (YAY!) and is happily nibbling on hibiscus flowers. Seriously… Does it get any cuter than this? NOPE! This little one, named Matata, was found all alone, with no one to care for him. It is unclear what happened to his mom.

The Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica was happy to take him in and give him all the hibiscus flowers he can eat. Hibiscus flowers are a sloth’s favorite treat.

Because sloths only eat leaves (and sometimes flowers), they move slowly to conserve energy. Their bodies function at a lower metabolic rate to make all this possible. They even have a lower body temperature. Cool, huh?

Sadly, three-toed sloths are becoming extinct and it’s not because of predators. Human activity, like knocking down trees to make housing, is making life hard on this beautiful animal. If left alone, sloths can thrive in the wild, living up to 20 years.

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