Fisherman Help Rescue A Heron They Find Tangled Up In A Tree

Nature is beautiful. There are so many ways to enjoy the beauty of our world. Some of life’s simplest pleasures can be found when we’re outdoors. And for one family in Brazil, their relaxing day on the water soon turned into a daring wildlife rescue operation.

The family – consisting of Lara, Marcio, and Priscilla – had been fishing on the Paranaíba River, in the central Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul, when they came across a shocking sight. In the middle of the river was a wild heron that had been caught in a fishing line. The bird was dangling from its tangled beak!


The three got closer and were able to see that the bird had likely caught a discarded fishing line instead of a fish. The heron’s beak had become entangled and shut, meaning that it would’ve eventually died had they not shown up in time to rescue it. The bird was dangling from a tree branch after the fishing line had gotten caught on the branch. In the video, Marcio was able to eventually free the bird by cutting it loose from the fishing line.


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After uploading the rescue video to YouTube, they wrote, “Watching the animal trapped and tired of trying to survive, we stopped the boat and saved it.”


While it’s great to see someone come to the rescue of an animal in need, this video also serves as a reminder that recreational fishing lines and hooks much be properly disposed of as they can pose a horrific threat to the environment and its wild animals.

Watch the rescue in the clip below:

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