Little Herman The “Scaredy Cat,” Is Bright Eyed, Bushy Tailed, And Totally Adorable!

Herman, the ever so sweet, wide-eyed cat that is stealing hearts all across the world, has been labeled a “scaredy cat” because of his permanent “scared” expression. Health-wise, this cat is in tip top shape. However, his eyes are so big that he sleeps with them open. Luckily, Herman snores so you know when not to disturb him.

This cat’s expressions are so adorable that he is now a social media sensation. Herman’s human knows that we all need a smile now and then and a cat like Herman can give lighten even the darkest day.

Herman is just a kitten but it’s unlikely he will ever grow into his big eyes, and I think that’s a plus! Being unique is absolutely wonderful. His human, Shirley, fell in love with Herman instantly. They had that instant connection that a lot of pet owners totally understand.

Isn’t Herman purrr-ecious? I think so too!

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