He Was Living On The Streets, Too Afraid To Let Anyone Near Him. Days Later, His Whole Life Changed

It isn’t unusual to see stray dogs roaming around Los Angeles. This is the story of one of them and, luckily for him, he has a much happier ending. This homeless pup, named Hendrix, was living alone in an industrial area. He was very frightened, starving, and didn’t want anyone near him.

Volunteers from Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, came to the scene when someone spotted him and called them. They wanted to give him a second chance at a happy, normal life. He was extremely dirty and wouldn’t let the rescuers near him.

Finally, Hendrix was inside an abandoned property so the rescuers quickly secured the area. The more Hendrix ran from them, the more tired he became. This allowed them to finally get close to him. They were able to get the leash around him without him even moving.

He looked very scared, but knew they were there to help. They gently pet him to try and gain his trust. He was shaking but still stayed very still in the rescuer’s arms. They wrapped him in a blanket in the car and brought him to get evaluated. He also got groomed and looked like a whole new dog! After he was ready, he got to go to his foster home. He is such a happy and playful pup!

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