When Her Humans Turn On National Geographic, This Rescue Hen’s Reaction Is Priceless!

Strawberry is one of 800 hens saved from a pasture-based farm using birds for eggs. Olivia Fox and Brian Larsen decided to adopt Strawberry to give her a much better life.

When she fell ill from an unknown leg injury, vets advised Fox and Larsen to keep Strawberry off her legs.

Not only did they abide, but they made Strawberry a special sling! Just like with humans, lying around with an injury can become boring. They saw Strawberry was getting tired of doing nothing while her leg healed up, so they figured out a way to keep her entertained. They set up a tablet in front of her so she could watch some nature documentaries on National Geographic, and much to their surprise, she loved it!

In the video below, you can see Strawberry enjoying every moment of the show. She is sitting there in front of the tablet, intensely watching the animals on the screen. She even pecks at some of the animals in the show.

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