Mama Hen Protects Three Kittens From The Elements

Who else has heard of the phrase, “mother hen”?

There is a reason for it. Apparently, chickens can be quite caring creatures. They can be very protective of their chicks.

As it turns out, they can also be very protective of other animal babies, so long as they’re in their care.

Photo: TikTok/goran.surchi

One Kurdish soldier and farmer, Goran A Surchi, was stunned when he found a white hen being very motherly and protective of a trio of kittens.

Photo: TikTok/goran.surchi

Surchi noticed the chicken sitting in the milk crate. He assumed that she was caring for her own chicks, but when he peeked under her feathers he was in for a surprise.

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Instead of finding baby chicks, he found the three kittens. They were in very good care.

Photo: TikTok/goran.surchi

It was just too cute to witness this motherly hen caring for the baby cats!

Watch the video below:

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