Help Your Pet Recover After Surgery

After your pooch or feline friend has gone through surgery, it may feel a bit uneasy for a while. It’s up to you, the owner, to help the healing process go smoothly. Depending on the procedure that your pet went through, it will have a different recovery time, according to Vet Street. Here are a few tips to ensure your furry friend is adapting well:

A new routine
For the time being, your pet may need to rest a bit more than usual and go to the bathroom more often. If you normally take Fido for a morning walk, you’ll have to ease him back into it. But give him a few days off – he should only head outdoors to go to the bathroom.

You may also need to provide him with small amounts of food and water throughout the day. Always supervise meal times after surgery.

Some vets will recommend “crate rest” post-surgery to restrict activity and keep your pet safe. Although this may be the last thing your pup wants, try to accommodate him as best as possible by putting it in a room that is appropriate for his personality – like a high-traffic area for a pup that loves being around people.

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