10 Easy Ways To Help Your Local Shelter That Don’t Involve Extra Money.

Chances are you have a lot of animal shelters and rescue organizations in your area, and being the animal lover that you are, you want to do something to help them. With the holidays right around the corner, our giving spirit is in full force but our budgets may be tight. That’s ok! Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can help your local animal shelters that don’t necessarily involve a money donation.

The first step should always be to learn about your local shelters and their specific needs. Some shelters may have certain areas where they need extra help, and you can narrow it down to where you are needed most. The next step should be to read through this list and decide how you are going to help!

10. Share Adoption Profiles On Your Social Media

Lots of shelters and rescue organizations are running adoption specials right now, and simply sharing an adoption profile on your social media outlets could benefit that shelter in countless ways. For one, you are getting their name out there to someone who may not have known that they existed before, and who knows, it lead to a life-saving adoption! Blow up your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media accounts with adoptable dogs and cats to spread awareness of shelter pets in need of homes!Dog_puppy and kitten cuddling1_shutterstock_211771213

9. Donate Blankets/Bedding

Gather clean bedding or towels in your home and bring them to your shelter so that they can use it as bedding for kennels. Don’t have any? Try calling local hotels to see if they have any bedding or towels that they would be willing to donate to the shelter.

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