Woman Opened Garbage Bag On Side Of Road To Find A Wagging Tail And Big Eyes Staring Back At Her

A woman, named Malissa Lewis, was driving to work in Harlan, Kentucky, when she discovered a garbage bag that was moving around on the side of the road.

As she got closer, she realized that there was something alive inside the bag. She pulled over to look inside the bag and was shocked to find a tiny puppy inside.

Malissa Lewis
Malissa Lewis

The little puppy looked up at her with his big eyes and started wagging his tail. It was obvious that he was just so happy and relieved to be found and finally free from that garbage bag.

Lewis checked him to make sure he didn’t have any marks on him, but thankfully he was in good shape. Lewis knew she had to help this poor pup, so she brought him home and named him “Hefty,” after the garbage bag that she found him in.

Malissa Lewis
Malissa Lewis

Lewis’ family immediately fell in love with Hefty. He was such a friendly, happy and sweet puppy. They all agreed that they would adopt Hefty and give him a forever home! He adjusted very quickly to his new home, and never lost his positive attitude and happy spirit.

Today, Hefty is loving his new life with the Lewis family. They are taking such great care of him, and he is so spoiled! He gets to sleep in the bed with them every night; he climbs right up with them, plops down, and makes himself comfortable. The cozy bed is a far cry from the hard concrete he was found on!

Malissa Lewis
Malissa Lewis

Lewis just happened to take a different route than normal to work that day. That back road led her straight to Hefty. She believes it was meant to be for the both of them. She was at the right place at the right time to rescue Hefty, and was able to give him a second chance at life.

It’s unknown who abandoned Hefty on the side of the road, but what we do know is that he never has to worry about being neglected or left behind ever again.

Ashley Maisano

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