Tiny Hedgehog Keeps Bear Awake All Night

Everyone wants to enjoy a good night’s sleep every now and again, but sometimes, it’s simply not possible.

It’s not just humans that want to enjoy quality sleep, but animals too. Just ask Mansur the bear.

Mansur, also known as the air bear, lives “semi-voluntarily” at the Oreshkovo airfield in Russia.

Photo: YouTube/Mansur the Bear

He’s often captured on camera doing bear things, like wandering around, getting into mischief, and taking naps. One night, a camera caught poor Mansur being tormented by a tiny hedgehog!

In the video, Mansur can be seen sleeping soundly when a little hedgehog scuddles up and walks right into the bear. The little creature seems to dig around in the bear’s fur and wakes the giant animal up.

Photo: YouTube/Mansur the Bear

After rolling over, the bear tries to go back to sleep but the hedgehog refuses to let him. The little thing continues to walk into his fur and dig around!

Every time Mansu started to get comfortable again, the hedgehog was right back bothering him! That’s one brave little hedgehog.

Photo: YouTube/Mansur the Bear

The bear tried to readjust and get comfortable multiple times but had no luck – all thanks to the hedgehog and its antics.

Check out the video below:

You can see more of Mansur on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram!

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